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ITALICA relives its glory days. Power and luxury constitute the main axis of the new identity of ITALICA. Identity that was always there but which has been revealed like a hidden treasure in the earth.

ITALICA vuelve a revivir sus días de gloria. El poder y el lujo forman la columna vertebral de la identidad de la nueva ITALICA, identidad que siempre estuvo ahí pero que se descubre cual tesoro escondido en la tierra.

Project name:   Archaeological branding
Client: Project proposal
Year: 2015

The archaeological site of Italica encompasses mainly the urbs nova with its many fine buildings from the Hadrianic period. As no modern city covered many of Italica's buildings, the result is an unusually well-preserved Roman city with cobbled Roman streets and mosaic floors still in situ. It was the birthplace of Roman Emperor Trajan, most likely that of Hadrian and possibly that of Theodosius.

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